You’re Going To Be the Center of Attention All Day!

Ensure You Look Your Best

With Professional Makeup & Hairstyling



Your wedding day is not just an ordinary day

It’s your day. You’re the bride…the “star of the show”…and all eyes will be on you. All day. And possibly all evening, too. So your hair needs to hold its style and your makeup needs to look great from the first photo to the last goodbye hug. This is why brides rely on professional bridal hair and makeup.


Our professional cosmetologist knows how to make you look gorgeous

Maria Arutunyan is a licensed cosmetologist and professional makeup artist who graduated from the high fashion cosmetology program at Paul Mitchell the School in 2007. For the past four years she has been splitting her time between working with fashion models, and bringing her fashion model expertise to brides like you.


You’ll love the way Maria uses makeup to contour your face, bring out your good features, hide any blemishes and let your natural beauty shine through. Although she does not offer formal up-dos, Maria does amazing things with blow dries, curls, flat irons and half up/half down styles.


Professional makeup will make your photos look better

The reality is, things that you would never notice in person can be quite noticeable in high resolution photos. Makeup can look great in person but bad under lights and cameras – or vice versa. Professionally-applied makeup will ensure you look your best both in person and in your photos. Which is important, because you’ll be treasuring your wedding photos for the rest of your life.


Help the rest of your bridal party look their best, too

Of course, your photos and video will look much better if your entire bridal party has professional beauty services. Make arrangements for your whole group – it’s one of the most affordable services you’ll book for your wedding. You’ll get the convenience of one person coming to your location. And the peace of mind that everyone in your bridal party will look their best and be ready on time.

Reserve your date today

Blushing Bride Photo and Video provides “one-stop” convenience for all of your wedding and engagement photo and video needs. All hair and makeup packages include an in-person pre-event consultation for the bride. For more information or to reserve your wedding date, call us today at 855-539-3555.